Spa At Work

Promote wellbeing at work by rejuvenate your employees and offering them spa treatments in your place of work.

Companies offering weekly massages or beauty treatments for their employees will:
-Promote wellbeing
-Improve employee moral
-Reduce absenteeism
-Help prevent RSI
-Increase alertness and productivity

Neroli Home Spa Corporate Beauty and Corporate Holistic services offers stress reducing, work enhancing spa treatments to your workplace. Add us to your employee benefits. Reward employees for a job well done with some pampering from neroli home spa

Treat your staff to Neroli Home Spa Wellbeing Day, they make great office parties. Ideal for:
Record sales
Employee team building
Employee leaving parties
Christmas parties
Corporate events

Please get in touch  for prices and more details. Rates start from £65 an hour depending on you requirements and location .